Book Trailer Blurb Contest!

I need your help, and it’s your chance to win a free e-copy of Seed this June!

  • The contest: Write the blurb that will be featured in the Seed book trailer.  This blurb will be read aloud by a little girl, age six, and has to capture the eerie essence of the novel.
  • The premise: Seed is a novel about a little girl who’s personality is slowly taken over by a demon named Mr. Scratch. Throughout the novel, her mother fears for the little girl’s mental health, but her father knows that Mr. Scratch is very real, and very dangerous.
  • The rules: The blurb must be short–no more than two sentences in length, and should encompass an overall feeling of dread, either by suggesting the little girl’s fear of Mr. Scratch, or suggesting her slow transformation from child to demon. Your blurb must be appropriate for a six-year-old to read (no profanity) and should be written in a way that a six-year-old would speak (no twenty-five cent words; simplicity is key).
  • Example: Momma says the monster in my room is just a shadow, but this shadow is different. This shadow has teeth.
  • The creepier the better!
  • The Prize: I’ll pick up to three winners, all of which will get a free copy of Seed upon it’s release in June. You can enter as many blurbs as you like.
  • Deadline: April 27th, 2011
  • How to enter: You can either post your blurb in the comments, or you can email them directly to If you’re a winner, you’ll be notified in the next few weeks!

Good luck!


8 thoughts on “Book Trailer Blurb Contest!

  1. My feet and heart is stopped. Before me stood Mr. Scratch ,in my back I hear the gasping of my father,he passed his hand gently on my face, closing my eyes, my fingers slowly tightened on those of daddy. A black butterfly soaring in the recesses of my mind, I sigh, I had no respite.

  2. Here’s a simple one that could be creepy:

    You won’t like what you find when you scratch a little below the surface.

  3. He’s not hiding under the bed anymore. He’s hiding in my mind, scratching at my thoughts. I don’t want to let him in!

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