Mental Shrillness: Todd Russell Blog Tour

I’m excited to announce that Todd Russell will be joining us at 21st Century Author for a stop on his blog tour!

Be sure to visit 21st Century Author on Friday, May 6th, to hear Todd talk about his writing process. Follow Todd along his blog tour stops throughout the month for a chance to win a free copy of his book, Mental Shrillness! Todd is also holding a blog comment contest that will award twelve ‘best comment’ winners with free flash fiction by Todd himself.

A little about Todd:

Todd Russell started writing at eight years old and has honed his bizarre style along the likes of Rod Serling, Robert R. McCammon, and Stephen King. Mental Shrillness, a collection of six horror twist ending short stories, is his first book.

What are some things that scare Russell? Broken shards of glass, rock music after the 80s, cliches, Sunday night, predictability, stalemate chess matches, who really shot JFK, the iceberg that downed the Titanic, asteroids hitting earth, the insatiable beast known as ET Cetera.

Get in touch with Todd on his Facebook Author Page.

Win A Copy Of Mental Shrillness:

To win your free copy of Todd’s book, visit all his blog tour stops and pick up all of Todd’s Mental Shrillness Blog Tour Factoids! At the end of the tour, score at least 75% on Todd’s factoid quiz to win your own copy of Todd’s six horror stories! The quiz will be on Todd’s website,!

Buy Mental Shrillness on Amazon for only $.99!

Also available for the Nook at Barnes & Noble!


3 thoughts on “Mental Shrillness: Todd Russell Blog Tour

  1. Ania – we need to start something in the comments here. Perhaps spill some blood, plant some seeds maybe drag a sharpened, gleaming axe across the page.

    I think that Twitter bird is ripe for the reaping …

      • Um, er, I should probably mention that you got the contest facts a bit mixed up in your post? LOL. It’s my fault, not yours, because the email I sent out had 80% and then it was 75% a few lines down later. The mathematics of the quiz — let’s blame it on that, yeah!

        Here are the contest details from the Official Tour Page, feel free to copy/paste in an edit of your post:

        Mental Shrillness Blog Tour CONTEST #1 information
        Prize: Win 1 of 6 Mental Shrillness ebooks, delivered via Smashwords coupon
        Number of prizes: *6* unique winners to be chosen randomly from the pool on Sunday, May 22, if more than six eligible entries. No purchase necessary. Winners will be notified by email (the contest form will have a place to enter in email address).
        How to enter: collect Mental Shrillness Factoids at each blog tour stop and return here to answer the quiz questions (there will be a quiz posted below on May 15, 2011). If you score at least 75% on the quiz you’ll be entered into the pool of possible winners to be chosen from random draw on Sunday May 22, 2011. The Mental Shrillness Factoids will either be mentioned in the comment area of the tour stop on the tour stop day OR will be inside the blog post on the tour stop day. The factoid will only come from the author or the blog host. There will be a total of 12 Mental Shrillness factoids shared. One per day, one per tour stop.
        Contest eligibility ends: Friday May 20, 2011
        Prizes awarded: Sunday May 22, 2011

        Mental Shrillness Blog Tour CONTEST #2 information
        Prize: PDF version of flash fiction story written by Todd Russell during the same era as the stories in Mental Shrillnesss.
        Number of prizes: Unlimited
        How to enter: Leave at least one legitimate blog comment on each blog during the tour days and then return here and leave a comment using the Facebook comments form below with your name used at each blog. Once verified on May 22 you’ll receive a PM through Facebook with a Smashwords coupon code
        Contest eligibility ends: Friday May 20, 2011
        Prizes awarded: Sunday May 22, 2011

        Just noticed a few spelling errors on that page, argh, off to the woodshop! Darn you, evil twitter bird.

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