The More You Tweet: Win A Copy Of Seed!

Let’s face it, those of us who use Twitter use it a lot. Well, I’m about to give you an excuse to use it even more–like you need excuses.

Seed’s release is getting closer and closer, and early June is looking bright. And as all authors hope, I too am hoping for a successful first push. But I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

From May 9th until Seed’s release, I’ll be keeping track of everyone who Retweets links and info on Seed, and those who suggest that people give me a follow as well. I use TweetDeck (highly recommended for those who don’t), and as such, these ‘mentions’ are tracked for me 24/7. Every time you retweet a message, and every time you mention @aniaahlborn, I see it. From now until Seed’s release, not only will I see it, but I’ll track it. Your name will be automatically entered to win a free copy of Seed on the day of it’s release. Simple as that.

You tweet, you win.

The Rules:

You can be entered up to three times per day, either via retweet or your own message about Seed or @aniaahlborn. Please do not retweet in rapid succession. That’s spam, and nobody dislikes spammers more than me.

#FF’s, #MM’s, and #WW’s will not count unless the message suggests @aniaahlborn specifically and mentions something about horror or Seed. I always appreciate any mention I can get, but to be entered in the contest, these will have to be directed toward me specifically.

-Retweets do not have a time limit. Any retweet between May 9th and Seed’s release will be counted as a contest entry.

-While all tallied tweets will be entered in the contest, only those who follow me on Twitter will be eligible to win.

Five Winners:

Every time you tweet or retweet, your name will be entered into the contest (up to three times per day). Three winners will be chosen at random, but two lucky winners will be hand picked by me. That means I’ll be keeping an eye on everyone who participates. If you catch my attention with thoughtful and creative tweets, you may just win yourself a free copy of Seed!

To remind you about the contest, I’ll occasionally post ‘RT2Win’ in my tweets.

If you have any questions about rules or how to win, please post your questions in the comments below. The contest starts now.

Good luck, and happy tweeting!

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One thought on “The More You Tweet: Win A Copy Of Seed!

  1. I appriciate you doing this as RT’s. Doesn’t make spam, when we share several peeps on followers. 🙂 (Love Twitter’s new RT function.)

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