Blood, Sweat, and Determination

Six months ago, I opened up my laptop and began to write. It was the day after my birthday, only nine days into the new year, and I was determined as hell. “This year,” I told myself, “is the year I’m going to write the novel I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember. This year,” I said to myself, “I’m going to write the book that’s going to change me as a writer.”

Six months ago, I made a pact with nobody but me. And I don’t break the promises I make to myself. Ever.

I’ve gone through the last couple of months of my life with nothing but June 1st in my sights. I’ve been on a single track, blinders on, determined to get to a destination that, six months ago, I didn’t even know existed. See, when I sat down to write Seed in January, I had no idea I’d be able to publish it myself. Since then, I’ve become an expert at a lot of things: e-publishing, self-promotion and marketing, blogging, hell… twitter. The road has been quick, but long all at once. Six months isn’t that much time, but it’s long enough to exhaust you if you’re moving non-stop. And I’ve been moving non-stop.

So what now? A little R&R? Maybe a vacation? No sir. I’ll be celebrating the release of Seed by pounding out the first few pages of my next novel. My deadline: the end of August. My hope: to publish two books this year… to publish, and to take another step toward (hopefully) making a living off of what I love to do most.

Will I be an overnight success? Probably not. Sure, I’ve fantasized about it. I’ve thought about waking up one morning to see myself at the top of the horror list, right there next to my buddy  Steve. I’ve whispered to myself, “if Amanda can make it in paranormal romance, I can make it in horror…” And maybe I can. Maybe, just maybe… I’ll be that one lucky author that makes a splash others can only dream of. But I’m not betting on it. I’m not a gamblin’ girl.

What I am betting on is another first-draft sprint. I’m betting on nights where I sit in bed with my laptop and think “screw this, I’m going to bed”. I’m betting that on a handful of occasions, I’ll think myself a lunatic for trying to write and publish two books in a single year, single-handedly, like some sort of tireless magician.

And then the end of August will roll around. I’ll finish that first draft. And it’ll be awesome.

June 1st is a week away. Will I wake up to fame and fortune? I doubt it. Then again… maybe on June 1st of next year, or the year after that… I will.

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13 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat, and Determination

  1. I like the way you think!

    And your determination makes me very, very glad I managed to stumble across your blog — and very excited for Seed! (Even the cover grabs your attention and doesn’t want to let go; it’s gorgeous.)

    You’ve a happy new reader, I have to say. 🙂

  2. Our goals are similar. Hell, our release dates are even close. (I actually confused *my* release date with *yours* earlier ;). Congrats on “Seed” (I look forward to reading it), and best of luck on the sequel! =D

    • Thanks. Good luck to you as well. Keep me posted on how it all goes. I know I’ll be posting about my journey here. 🙂

    • Well, if I’m the motivator I’m hopefully starting this upcoming weekend. If you want, we can keep ourselves on track. 🙂

  3. That’s an impressive timescale! Hell, it’s taken me SIX YEARS to write the book I’m about to self-publish (and a year of trying to not have to self-publish it!). That’s makes you ten times faster and betterer than me. Or maybe it just makes me a lazy git (I thought I’d better put it out there before someone else did).
    I’ll be releasing in late June most likely, as I still have to learn Twitter and all the promotion stuff… so like I say, June 2012! :0)
    Good luck with Seed, I shall keep my eye on Amazon.

    • Come on Tony, you can easily release before the end of the year if you’re done with the book itself. I guarantee it. I’ll even tell you how. 🙂

      • I’m always keen on advice and eager to learn! I’m taking lessons from anyone who offers ’em at the moment! Fingers crossed I’ll be ready to do a ‘launch’ in a month or so. Exciting! And a bit intimidating too. All good though!

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