Badger Badger Badger Post

I’m not big on ‘blogger awards’, but this one seemed kind of fun, so I’m rolling with it. Apparently I’ve been given the ‘zombie-herpes-badger’ award. I’ve been told it’s prestigious.

See, I’m not so sure this is an award as much as it’s a blogger’s chain letter, but you know what? Whatever. It’s Friday. I’m game. Look at that badger. Look at him.

The rules:

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Pass the award along to five new-found blogging buddies.
  • Contact the winners to congratulate them.

So, first off, my thanks goes to T.M. Soulders, who has bestowed this great and noble honor upon me.

Now for the random facts. I’m going to do this off the top of my head so it might get weird. But I like it weird.

1. I’m addicted to America’s Next Top Model. This is a bit odd because if I ever met any of these girls in real life, all hell would break loose. And when I say ‘break loose’ I mean there would be homicide. Lots and lots of homicide.

2. I drink tons of tea, but it has to be black. I have a serious aversion to green tea, and flavored teas (unless it’s iced tea) make me grimace. The worst tea I ever had was at a sushi place. It’s like they had gathered up some dried weeds and boiled them down… and expected me to drink it with a smile. What is wrong with you, Japan?

3. I want to live in Switzerland in an adorable gingerbread house with the snow-capped Swiss Alps in the back and gorgeous rolling grass-covered hills in the front… maybe a sheep or two, a goat, a cow with a huge bell tied around its neck; basically, I want to be Heidi. And I want to be able to live off of chocolate and cheese.

4. I’m afraid of the ocean. I love beaches, and I’d love to have ocean-front property, but try to get me into the ocean and you’re going to have a problem. Even when the water is calm (as in Maui, where there aren’t any waves to speak of), I’m in constant fear of being pulled away from shore by the current or being eaten by a great white shark. This fear stems from a trip to California. I was around ten, I was sitting on the shore building a castle, a huge wave crashed onto the shore, buried me… I remember laying on my stomach, clawing at sand that was literally slipping through my fingers. All I could think was ‘I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead.’ So, weird that I’d be scared of the ocean, right? I mean, totally irrational!

5. I may have a touch of OCD, especially when it comes to cleanliness. It isn’t that I go around cleaning everything all the time–I don’t. Here’s how it works: the house is clean, I’m cool; the house is semi-clean, I’m cool; the house isn’t so clean, I’m cool until I realize it isn’t so clean… and then I kind of flip out. I immediately have to clean. I feel angry and anxious until I do.

6. While I have no problem using public restrooms, I always flush the toilet with my foot or my wrist, never my fingers.

7. I love playing Sing Star on the PS3, but I never have anyone to play with. I haven’t played in six to eight months at this point. This annoys me, because everyone should like karaoke. I tell myself they’re all avoiding it because I kick their asses without fail. My lack of gaming buddies is a result of my awesomeness. And I can’t even sing that well…

My five tagged blogging buddies are as follow:






And for your enjoyment, I give you badgers…

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4 thoughts on “Badger Badger Badger Post

  1. “I love playing Sing Star on the PS3, but I never have anyone to play with. I havenโ€™t played in six to eight months at this point. This annoys me, because everyone should like karaoke. ”

    Maybe It’s time for you to graduate to a real singing game like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, Ania ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I am with you on #5! I am okay about the state of cleanliness in my house until I am not okay. And the transition from okay to meltdown is very, very rapid. I’ve found that setting specific times during the week when specific chores are addressed keeps me from going nova. It also prevents me from spending all of my free time making things perfect because the schedule gives me “permission” to wait another day before steam cleaning the rugs or dusting the top of the fridge. The rugs and the fridge will get clean in due time and until then I can work on my writing.

    Your blog is very fun & informative! I am glad to have stumbled across it when searching for other indie horror writers. SEED’s going on my wishlist, that’s for sure!


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