Stephen King’s House: Photos From Bangor, Maine

Hi everyone. So, just recently my Aunt Beth sent me an unexpected, and unexpectedly awesome email. Little did I know that she was in Bangor, and as my self-proclaimed #2 fan (she voluntarily took second place, giving up first to the hubby) she took a little side trip to one of the Mecca’s of American Horror. That’s right… Stephen King’s house. I’ve actually never seen photos of King’s house before. I’m sure there are some floating around the interwebs, but these are too good not to share with my fellow horror buddies. So here they are, Stephen King’s house a la June 9th, 2011.

So freakin’ awesome. Thanks, Aunt Beth!

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13 thoughts on “Stephen King’s House: Photos From Bangor, Maine

  1. I remember seeing the house in a very old biography of King and he went on to say that when Halloween came they took out newspaper ads telling the locals they wouldn’t be home.

  2. I have seen his house a few times before on websites but it still have to keep looking you can picture this house in so many of his books it fits in well i would love to go see it in person great pics XxXxX

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