Re-releases, Music, Contests, and Prizes: Welcome To July

Hi everyone!

It’s July! Can you believe it? This year has flown by for me, and I can hardly believe July is upon us. July is, as you know, SEED re-release month. That’s right, I’ve hijacked the entire thirty-one days. Forget Independence Day. Forget Nude Recreation Week (seriously, that’s a thing). Forget the fact that the summer Olympics kick off in London. None of that is important. Let’s just focus on horror. And demons. And cute little girls who turn into terrible monsters.

Now, I know what you’re asking yourself. “What the heck is a re-release?” Trust me, when Amazon approached me about a re-release last October, I had a giant question mark hanging over my head and a dumb look on my face. I didn’t get it, and a few folks on Goodreads have been asking the same question: what’s a re-release and what’s it entail? Well, let me tell you…

I re-release you, overly giant bird of prey! Please don’t come back to maul my face.

As you know, when I first published SEED, it was a self-pub deal. And when Amazon approached me about picking it up, the first thing they told me was that I didn’t need to change anything if I didn’t want to. They already loved the story, they thought the cover was cool, and if I wanted to keep everything the way it was they wouldn’t stand in my way. What they did put in my way was an arsenal of professionals with amazing skills–people who knew every use and misuse of a comma; people who knew how to format books not only to make them clean, but also make them beautiful; people who knew how to pick apart a story and target details that should be expanded to make a novel more enjoyable for the reader. They put all of these amazing people in front of me and said “you don’t have to employ any of this talent.” So I employed them all.

This is my Amazon team. We took this photo at one of those old-timey photo places.

The new edition of SEED is different. It’s the same story, but it’s been expanded by about six thousand words.

Scenes have been rearranged. Additional material has been added. Certain aspects of backstory have been better explained. Some of the passages have been tightened up. Characters have been enriched. All of this has been done of my own accord. Anything that’s been cut, anything that’s been added… it’s all author done and author approved. The re-release has a new cover. That was my decision as well. I want you, the reader, to be confident that the re-release is something new… that if you do decide to re-read it, it’s fresh from cover to cover.

In the end, I feel that the new edition is what SEED was always meant to be but hasn’t been until now.

Am I excited for you to read it? Absolutely. Not everyone will read it again, I know, but I hope that if you do decide to revisit the Winters and their nightmare, you’ll check out the version I’m most proud of. And even if you don’t feel like reading it again, I have something for you anyway. I’ve created a SEED playlist on Spotify, and I’ll be sharing that link with you guys on the official re-release day of the 17th. But for those of you who sign up for my newsletter, you’ll be getting a link via email to an extended playlist that gives you twice as many tracks. I’m super excited about sharing that with you too. It’s just a fun little thing to say ‘thanks’ for sticking with me throughout this year. It’s pretty crazy how far this little self-published book has come.

You can try Spotify, or you can stick to your three-foot stack of scratchy vinyl.

So please, if you haven’t already, sign up! I promise, this isn’t one of those newsletters that clog up your email. They’ll be few and far between, and the first one will be coming at you on the 17th.

And if you’re a filmmaker, or you know someone who is… cue them in, because SEED is going to need an official book trailer, and Amazon Studios is going to give the winner one hell of a grand prize. Yep! There’s going to be an officially sponsored SEED trailer contest, and there will be prizes, and it’s going to be awesome. The contest starts on the 19th, so keep your eye on this blog, on my Facebook page, and on my Twitter feed for deets.

New content. Music. Prizes. What more could you guys want? How about an audio book? Yeah, that’s also happening.

Can’t wait ’till the 17th? Pre-order the ebook, paperback, or audio book on Amazon…

And now, the countdown… I’ll check back with you kids in two weeks! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Re-releases, Music, Contests, and Prizes: Welcome To July

  1. It has been a blast following your progress…good for you for taking advantage of every opportunity to make your SEED as perfect as you want it to be. It was awesome enough before; I can’t wait to read it again and see what you’ve added. Congratulations, and bring on the re-release!

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