A Virtual Release Party! Listen, Win! Woot!


Someday, I’m going to have a book release party in New York City. It’ll be big. There will be cake… possibly some famous people, and I’ll pull a Gatsby and show up at the last minute so people can whisper about where the author is, she’s so mysterious, we heard she’s weird… really weird, how else could she come up with these twisted stories?

But for now, I’m going to have a virtual release party on… my blog. (Poop noise.) Okay, it’s kind of lame… shut up. But how else am I going to give away all of these audio books?! (Oh, it’s not so lame anymore, huh? OH, FREE STUFF… you mooch.)

Seriously, though. To celebrate the release of THE SHUDDERING, I’m giving away nine audio books right now. Today only. You snooze you friggin’ lose.


And what’s a party without some music? Behold, The Shuddering playlist! Oooo. Ahhhh. (Play track two in my honor… really really loudly. And shimmy. Do it.)

And if you have yet to order a copy of THE SHUDDERING, be it ebook or paperback, please do! Release dates are important! Let’s get this baby clamoring up to the top of the pile, shall we? Let’s see how much noise some old school monsters can make! Let’s tear the other horror releases limb from limb! …what? It’s kinda appropriate. Either way, don’t make me cry myself to sleep tonight, huh? I’m batting my eyelashes at you right now, honest I am. 😉




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