Reviews & Interviews



Lucid Dreams & Saturn Skies (02.27.12)

Bloody Good Horror (01.18.12)

The Happy Horror Writer (12.07.11)

Words From The Vein Review (10.11.11)

Seed Review (09.15.11)

Strange Amusements (09.14.11)

Grey Gecko Press: 5/5 for Seed (08.04.11)

Tripping Tipsy Review (07.30.11)

Doubleshot Reviews (07.24.11)

Indie Horror Review (07.20.11)

See Spot Read: Seed Review (06.27.11)

Dive Into the ‘Seed’ of Horror: Nimrod Street (06.23.11)

Meaghan Ward: Indie Book Reviews (06.17.11) (06.09.11)

Me, Myshelf, and I Review of Seed (06.01.11)

The Root Of All Evil: The Austin Post (05.30.11)


The Psych Evaluation (05.22.12)

Adventures In Writing (04.12.12)

Dreadful Tales (02.07.12)

An Author’s Journey (07.12.11)

Ania on The Author Spot (06.27.11)

Erebus Horror Interview (06.23.11)

Kindle Author Interview (06.23.11)

7 Deadly Questions on R.A. Evans Writes (06.01.11)

Dean from Australia: Planting the Seed (05.25.11)

Me, MyShelf, and I: Author Interview (05.20.11)

Guest Posts Written By Ania

The Vampire Reviewer: Under The Cover Of Anonymity (06.06.11)

Waiting For My Book To Drop (05.27.11)

The Almighty Book Review (05.23.11)

The Opportunity of a Lifetime: Eh, Too Much Work (05.19.11)


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