Master Jedi That Writer Is

An oldie but goodie. I wrote this three years ago and it’s still as applicable as ever. Bombs away in the comments.

Ania Ahlborn | The Blog

I have this weird fear of being controversial. It probably comes from the fact that I’m not a very confrontational person. Oh, I know… some of you are laughing. Me? Non-confrontational? But it’s true. I’ve never started a fight in my life…

…but I did kill a man…

Anyway, I say I’m not big on controversy because the subject of this post balances precariously on the knife edge of debate. Some of you will agree with me. Those who don’t will throw dirt in my eye. Lucky for me, I’m wearing my glasses. Your dirt will not deter me… much.

I just saw a post on Twitter by someone I don’t know and probably won’t ever know. The question was: how many hours have you dedicated to your current writing project? His answer: over 8,500 hours.

Hey look, a calculator. How handy.

8,5000 hours divided by twenty-four hours in a…

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