Photofile: Eastern State Penitentiary

I’ve recently come home from a trip to the Washington DC/Philadelphia area, and one of our stops was the Eastern State Pen. I didn’t really know much about the place other than the conditions were brutal and that it was featured on one of my guilty pleasures, Ghost Adventures. Naturally, when I caught wind the place was in Philly, I had to go.

This place is the stuff of nightmares, from the peeling paint to the abandoned items you can see through cracks in the cell doors. When you walk through these massive halls, you can feel a shift in energy. Eastern State definitely has a heaviness to it. It’s a definite destination for the horror enthusiast in us all.

I present to you, Eastern State.

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8 thoughts on “Photofile: Eastern State Penitentiary

  1. You can hear the nightmarish screams from souls who lived within those war-torn walls. The barber’s chair looks especially eery. Reminds me of an Alcatraz tour a few years back. Biggest difference was the surrounding ocean water violently pounding the tortuous island.

    Your pictures capture the moment…many moments of hell for someone.

    • I’ve been to Alcatraz as well, but Eastern State takes the cake. There’s something about it that feels far more sinister. Maybe it’s the fact that it started out as a solitary confinement-only facility. Every prisoner was confined to their own cell, they exercised in their own ‘yard’, and only had contact with people through a small food slot in their door. Alcatraz definitely has more of a presence, perched out there on it’s own stoney island, but Eastern State… I don’t know. There’s just something about it.

  2. Very cool….and nifty photos too! Visiting this place is definitely on my bucket list! I went to the Villisca Ax Murder house this past summer and it has some pretty creepy vibs there too

  3. I love Eastern Penn! I’ve been there several times in the past year and see and feel new things each time. It’s truly an amazing place. You can’t go wrong with a camera in there either; every picture comes out like a work of art. If you happened upon the photo on my Author Bio page ( may recognize the Penitentiary in the background. Thanks for sharing, Ania! I can’t wait to go back for another visit!

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